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Your Overall Health

Dr. Westbrook is very passionate about health, fitness, diet and overall well-being.  He has extensively studied many of the modern and old diet fads and recommends a balanced Mediterranean diet with many fruits, vegetables, fish, limited red meat with some breads, pastas and other complex carbohydrates.  Not only is this a balanced diet to give you strong teeth and healthy gums, but it also promotes excellent cardiovascular and organ health.  


Everything we put into our body should be carefully considered, both when considering the foods we eat and even the medications we take.  For example, antibiotics are an important tool that we can use when you have an active infection present, but we also need to consider the damage that can be done to your digestive system and potential creation of "super bugs" that are resistant to antibiotics.   Dr. Westbrook recommends all our patients consider utilizing some form of probiotics to help counter the GI side effects that commonly occur with antibiotic use.  Probiotics are a great way to promote healthy bacteria in our digestive system so we are able to properly digest and utilize the healthy foods we put into our bodies.  


Our ability to chew food comfortable is very important in maintaining a balanced diet.  Many patients suffer from a condition known as TMD (Temporo-mandibular Disorder) which usually involves pain or discomfort in the TMJ (Temporo-mandibular joint) and/or chewing muscles.  In addition to offering different tangible means of treatments, Dr. Westbrook also recommends considering Yoga, reading, fitness and other forms of combining meditative and physical activities to help fight some of the major causes of stress and anxiety in our lives.   Since stress is the leading cause of TMD and many other health problems, we focus on both treating the symptoms and the cause of the problem.  There are a number of studies that show improvement in joint and muscles pain can also be relieved by other means of treatment like massage therapy and acupuncture. 


These are just a couple examples of the ways Applewood Family Dentistry takes a holistic approach to treating our family of patients.  We strive to be as  proactive as possible in preventing dental disease in addition to maximizing your overall health.  

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