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Conservative Dentistry

As medicine and dentistry continue to progress over time, there is a growing movement towards a more conservative approach to treatment.  With the advancement of both material sciences and techniques, Dr. Westbrook is able to treat your oral cavity using less aggressive methods than have been traditionally used in the past.   For example, the latest filling and crown materials allow us to  reduce significantly less of your natural tooth for a more natural and long lasting result.  The materials we use are almost all tooth colored and don't stain teeth black and grey like some of the old amalgam metal fillings.  This allows your mouth to both look and feel more natural, while conserving as much of your natural biology as possible.

Digital X-rays

Applewood Family Dentistry utilizes  only digital x-rays (radiographs) which require significantly less exposure to patients and gives excellent image quality.  As the technology improves with x-rays, less and less exposer continues to be needed.  Dr. Westbrook is insistent about being as up to date as possible with new technologies to make dentistry as safe and rewarding as possible for his family of patients.  


Applewood Family Dentistry has recently acquired a digital Panoramic and CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Topography) machine which gives Dr. Westbrook 3D images of your teeth and jaw to better perform implant placement, root canals and other procedures requiring analysis beyond what 2 dimensional images can provide.  The unit was carefully selected to have the absolute lowest exposure rate with the highest quality images available today.  Dr. Westbrook is insistent about being up to date with the latest technology.  

Virtual Implants

The CBCT and imaging software allows Dr. Westbrook to virtually place your implants before you even arrive for your appointment.  This allows more predictable and higher quality placement of the implant that can be perfectly planned before any treatment is started.  Be sure to ask Dr. Westbrook about more information if you're interested in having implants placed to replace lost teeth or help retain a denture.  

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