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Alison Hill

While being treated at Applewood Family Dentistry, you'll notice multiple paintings that help beautify the space.  These paintings are the work of Alison Hill, who resides on Monhegan Island in Maine.  Alison has a unique style that has won her numerous awards and her talent has allowed her to be a full time artist for many years.  She is a true inspiration to art lovers of all kinds.
Most of her work comes from scenes right on Monhegan island, where she is one of very few people who stay on the island all year round.  It's easy to see from her paintings that Monhegan Island is a beautiful place to visit no matter the season.
You can find more of her work at her studio on Monhegan and also on her website at 

Photograph taken by Dr. Westbrook of some of the Cliffs of Monhegan Island.  

Triscott House, oil painting by Alison Hill.

Christmas Cove, oil paiting by Alison Hill.

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