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Jonas Westbrook, DDS

Dr. Westbrook and his wife, Dr. Phebe Clare Winters, come to New Hampshire with a deep love of New England and the people who call it home.  After spending several years in Maine, they have grown to love the beauty that comes with the distinct northeastern seasons.  After searching for a great practice and the perfect place to call home, the seacoast of New Hampshire seems to have it all, natural beauty, great people, cultured towns and cities nearby and an opportunity to carry on a great tradition of service that Dr. Casper started.  Dr. Westbrook is honored to be able to serve such a wonderful community.  Dr. Westbrook brings an artistic eye and scientific brain to the many challenges that we face in maintaining a healthy oral cavity.  He has many interests outside of Dentistry that he brings with him to assist in providing his patients with the most well rounded, thorough and thoughtful care.  



Dr. Westbrook studied mathematics at Boston College and has always had a passion for problem solving and engineering.  After attaining his Bachelors in Science, Dr. Westbrook went directly into Dental School at the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine.


To further advance his training, Dr. Westbrook completed a one year Post-Doc Advanced Education in General Dentistry Residency to have more experience with challenging cases and more advanced procedures.  Under the guidance of some of the best Dentists in the country, Dr. Westbrook was able to refine his skills and build a large repertoire of problem solving abilities to bring to his patients.  


Dr. Westbrook continues to take many hours of post graduate continuing education courses to make sure he is well versed with the most modern dental technology that is being offered.

Other Interests


Dr. Westbrook has many interests outside of Dentistry.  You can find Dr. Westbrook figure drawing and landscape painting on the shores of Monhegan island, competitively weightlifting at National events, broadcasting and hosting podcasts and commentating at world weightlifting events, playing guitar or even target shooting with a Martin recurve bow.  During the summer time he loves to play tennis, golf and swim.  Both Dr. Westbrook and his wife love to travel to places all over the world to absorb new experiences and cultures.  While traveling, Dr. Westbrook also enjoys photographing his journeys as can be seen by many of the photos at our site.

Vintgar Gorge, Slovenia, photo taken by Dr. Westbrook

Westbrook Wedding, Camden Maine, photo taken by Sharyn Peavey

Westbrook Wedding, Camden Maine, photo taken by Sharyn Peavey

The Wedding


Dr. Westbrook and Dr. Winters had a wonderful small wedding in Camden, Maine with their families.  They had a short ceremony followed by a sailboat ride to enjoy a beautiful evening.  They spent 5 days in Portugal for their honeymoon.  

The Children


Dr. Westbrook and Dr. Winters have two wonderful children, Isable and Ella Clare, that they love to spend time with.  Of all the accomplishments and amazing adventures they've been on, the adventure of parenthood to these special children is by far the most rewarding and fulfilling.  

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